Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Addition

As luck would have it, the decision on rather or not to have a dog was decided for us last week. We now have a wire hair Terrier (mix) named "Edie". Edie showed up at my office last monday, she was just laying on the patio asleep in the sun. She appeared to be in good shape and seemed like a super friendly little dog that just needed some food and a good bath. My boss wanted to call the human society but I said "No, I'll take her home, feed her and then call" well we all know how that turned out. I brought her home, but not before I went and bought her a bed, chew toy, dog food, shampoo, and bowls. I mean she had to have all that just to stay for the night like I had said she was going to do. So I bathed her and got her all set up in the kitchen in her bed with some fresh food & water, and her new toy. She slept in that bed the entire night, didn't move until the next morning when it was time to get up and go outside. I forgot to mention that when I told Jordan that I was bringing her home for the "night" he just shook his head and said we both know that it won't just be for the "night". Day 2 of Edie's stay went well, we came home to find her in the back yard without any signs of trying to dig out or anything torn up so it was looking more and more like she was fine staying with us. Once we decided that she needed to just stay with us permanently, I took her to the vet to find out how old she was, what breed and the status of her health. Dr. Canant said she was at least a year & half old but now more than three, her health was excellent and that she was a Terrier mix. Edie has gotten use to us and her surroundings quite well, loves when people come over. She is a bit on the attention hog side, if we are on the computer or watching tv she has to be right in the middle of it. All in all, we got lucky because she adopted us and has been wonderful so far! I will post pictures of her as soon as I can find my camera cable.

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