Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Eventful Saturday

When I wrote yesterday's blog I forgot to talk about what happened on Saturday when we were at Lowes, our 2nd home. Well, that morning we got up and anxiously awaited the At&t guy's arrival to install our Internet. We were suppose to go car shopping for me that morning and had to meet a dealer by 12:00 to look at 2 different cars. Well seeing that the At&t guy wasn't there, he was 2 hours past his "scheduled" time. I went ahead and went to meet the dealer to look and test drive cars while Jordan stayed and waited on the installer (I will write about my car shopping later). Well, the Internet was installed and we decided to go on to Lowes, our 2nd home. We took Jordan's car since its bigger and we could fit more stuff in it. We get in Lowes and we are having paint mixed and going down the list of stuff we needed, as someone comes over the speaker and says "Will the owner of a silver 4runner with the license place JCM2 please come to the front desk" we get to customer service and Jordan says "oh is my alarm going off" and the manager said "Oh no, sorry sir its much worse than just your alarm". Someone had pulled through the parking space and hit Jordan's car, almost ripping the bumper off. God is good though, the person who did it came in the store to find out the owner and take responsibility for it. It will be fixed, but I know there will be some sort of story to tell until it is returned back to its original condition. Although it has had me thinking, if it hadn't been for the At&t guy being late, we would have been in my car at Lowes and I certainly couldn't have traded it in anytime soon if the guy had hit it. Everything happens for a reason, good or bad.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Old to New

Well we have gotten all moved in, not completely unpacked but getting there. At&t Uverse came saturday to hook our Internet up FINALLY, cable tomorrow THANK GOD! You never realize how much you use something until you don't have it, although we certainly have gotten alot more accomplished by not having the distractions. So we have finished the master bedroom (Chocolate walls), and waiting on the new granite for the master bath and then it will be complete. The office, guest bedroom (Orange walls) and hall bath are done too. I will post pictures of everything! Our new doors are 1 of my favorite things so far. I have never painted, taped or sanded so much in all my life, as I have the past 3 weeks, but everything is really coming together! We are waiting on our counter tops for the kitchen and bath rooms, which is giving me time to find other projects or as Jordan says "spend more money" haha. I believe it or not, did refinish a piece of furniture instead of buying something new to put our tv on. We were over at friend's, having wine the other night and as we were leaving saw this old record player console, it had speakers at the bottom and a lift up top where the record player was (pictures will be posted). Well Jordan and I looked at each other and thought "hmm what could we do to this". So I took all the record player parts out, tore off the front, side & back that covered the speakers, sanded it down, primed it and painted it. It is now black, with new hardware and you won't believe how it looks, I was so surprised at how we transformed this old record player into a modern entertainment table. Anne is staying with us this week while she finishes her internship before graduation, she "checked-in" last night and said her bed & accommodations were superb, haha. She just doesn't realize I will have a paint brush in her hand or unpacking boxes in no time, just kidding. Anyway, I am going to post those pictures and see what yall think!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Well I am new to this whole blog thing, but my best friend Anne started one and it got me to thinking that maybe I should as well. We will see how long & often I get to it. I will give everybody a little recap as to what has been happening lately in the life of Dan. I have in the last month, moved to Tuscaloosa, began a new job and started remodeling a new house. I know everyone is thinking "moving! What?!" well yes I have, I am now living up here in Tuscaloosa and working in property management. I do miss Montgomery and my family & friends, but I will be back all the time.

As far as the house remodel, Jordan bought another house closer to downtown (for work, less traffic) so we have gone from a brand new house to a house built in the late 60's, so needless to say, OUTDATED! We are painting every room, changing out all the doors, hardware, fixtures, counter tops, floors etc. Giving the front of the house a face lift with changing the colors and landscaping! I will update and post pictures of projects as they are completed, probably even get opinions from time to time on things.