Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Eventful Saturday

When I wrote yesterday's blog I forgot to talk about what happened on Saturday when we were at Lowes, our 2nd home. Well, that morning we got up and anxiously awaited the At&t guy's arrival to install our Internet. We were suppose to go car shopping for me that morning and had to meet a dealer by 12:00 to look at 2 different cars. Well seeing that the At&t guy wasn't there, he was 2 hours past his "scheduled" time. I went ahead and went to meet the dealer to look and test drive cars while Jordan stayed and waited on the installer (I will write about my car shopping later). Well, the Internet was installed and we decided to go on to Lowes, our 2nd home. We took Jordan's car since its bigger and we could fit more stuff in it. We get in Lowes and we are having paint mixed and going down the list of stuff we needed, as someone comes over the speaker and says "Will the owner of a silver 4runner with the license place JCM2 please come to the front desk" we get to customer service and Jordan says "oh is my alarm going off" and the manager said "Oh no, sorry sir its much worse than just your alarm". Someone had pulled through the parking space and hit Jordan's car, almost ripping the bumper off. God is good though, the person who did it came in the store to find out the owner and take responsibility for it. It will be fixed, but I know there will be some sort of story to tell until it is returned back to its original condition. Although it has had me thinking, if it hadn't been for the At&t guy being late, we would have been in my car at Lowes and I certainly couldn't have traded it in anytime soon if the guy had hit it. Everything happens for a reason, good or bad.

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