Monday, July 26, 2010

Old to New

Well we have gotten all moved in, not completely unpacked but getting there. At&t Uverse came saturday to hook our Internet up FINALLY, cable tomorrow THANK GOD! You never realize how much you use something until you don't have it, although we certainly have gotten alot more accomplished by not having the distractions. So we have finished the master bedroom (Chocolate walls), and waiting on the new granite for the master bath and then it will be complete. The office, guest bedroom (Orange walls) and hall bath are done too. I will post pictures of everything! Our new doors are 1 of my favorite things so far. I have never painted, taped or sanded so much in all my life, as I have the past 3 weeks, but everything is really coming together! We are waiting on our counter tops for the kitchen and bath rooms, which is giving me time to find other projects or as Jordan says "spend more money" haha. I believe it or not, did refinish a piece of furniture instead of buying something new to put our tv on. We were over at friend's, having wine the other night and as we were leaving saw this old record player console, it had speakers at the bottom and a lift up top where the record player was (pictures will be posted). Well Jordan and I looked at each other and thought "hmm what could we do to this". So I took all the record player parts out, tore off the front, side & back that covered the speakers, sanded it down, primed it and painted it. It is now black, with new hardware and you won't believe how it looks, I was so surprised at how we transformed this old record player into a modern entertainment table. Anne is staying with us this week while she finishes her internship before graduation, she "checked-in" last night and said her bed & accommodations were superb, haha. She just doesn't realize I will have a paint brush in her hand or unpacking boxes in no time, just kidding. Anyway, I am going to post those pictures and see what yall think!

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