Monday, August 30, 2010

Ahh the Weekends

This past weekend we took a little day trip to Atlanta, instead of working from sun up to sun down like we usually do. We went to IKEA, to get our new couch for the office and ate at The Vortex (best hamburgers ever). I had never realized just how important weekends were until I got a "real" job and had to work 5 days a week. Its like your weekends are free for you to do whatever you want, whenever you want. I LOVE my job, but I will say I so look forward to the weekends now. Next weekend we will be spending ours, tailgating and at the Alabama vs. San Jose State game! My favorite time of the year is definitely fall because it means college football, even though I'm not big on the actual game I am big on tailgating haha. I hope "The Corner" is rock'n this weekend, can't believe I won't be there WDE.

HOUSE UPDATE: Jordan has been talking about a deck since day 1 of moving into this house, so wouldn't you know its being built this week. The contractor starts today and hopes to have it done by thursday. The inside is almost done, just a few finishing touches left. More pictures to come.

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