Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Well, even though our tree has been up since the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I just haven't gotten a chance to blog about it so here we go! We decided to put the tree up in the living room so that it could be seen through the huge window along the front of the house. However, by choosing to put it in there and not the den, we were limited to only getting about a 7 - 8 foot tree since the ceilings in that room are so low. We get to the Christmas tree lot and begin the search for "the tree" you know the one that when you see it you just know its what will soon adorn all your ornaments in your home. At first I didn't see anything that impressed me nothing really seemed to have that wow factor until I stumbled upon about a 10 ft Frasier which Jordan said "We are not going to reenact the tree scene from Christmas Vacation." So I continued looking around and then saw it, a 8 ft Frasier fur, nicely trimmed, full & shapely, perfect for my Christmas tree vision. Well we got it home and put it in the tree stand and went to haul it inside, as luck would have it we go to stand it up and of course it scraps the ceiling and top is bent over. Needless to say it was taken back outside, cut off and trimmed up to fit just right. Of course I am a little impatient and a bit of a perfectionist, I began arranging ornaments and lights, making sure there weren't any areas without lights or 2 of the same kind of ornament close to each other...Jordan wanted to kill me but what else is new. Everything I've used on the mantle, buffet, and throughout the house is live so I'm being the "heat nazi" and only turning it on when its freezing, in effort to keep it all alive for a few more weeks. All in all I am thoroughly pleased with how the tree turned out, the only thing missing is the bow which I am getting today while home in Montgomery for the weekend celebrating my sister's 19th birthday. I still can't believe my sister is 19, I feel so old! Anyway, I hope everyone is having a wonderful time this holiday season! I'll post more pictures of the house decorations when I get back tomorrow.

Stockings hung with care.

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